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Book "Biotiful Kids de Chloé Sucreé"


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BIOTIFUL KIDS: a book of delicious, easy and healthy recipes dedicated to all mothers, fathers and, above all, the youngest members of the family. Written by Chloé Sucrée and illustrated by TINYCOTTONS. Inside you will find 90 new recipes by Chloé, easy to prepare, healthy and very appetising. The ideal book to help us take care of our children and the planet.
Soft cover and convenient format for everyday use in the kitchen. Written in Spanish.
Edited and published by Grijalbo, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial.
Printed in Spain.
100% Other Fibers
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Lyocell, a more sustainable option

This item is made of Lyocell, a plant-based fiber that requires very little water, generates no harmful by-products and its cultivation requires no irrigation or pesticides. Naturally biodegradable, it is also an excellent quality fibre, which in turn guarantees durability.

organic cotton

Organic Cotton, a more sustainable option

This item is made of organic cotton, a natural fiber which is renewable and biodegradable. It reduces the environmental impacts at every step of cotton production, as it eliminates the use of pesticides and fertilizers, it prevents contamination of groundwater. The impact of water pollution is 98% less compared to the conventional cotton production.

Supima cotton, world finest cotton.

This item is made of Supima cotton, a natural fiber which is renewable and biodegradable. Supima is in the top 1% of cotton produced in the world. Twice as strong than regular cotton, it is trusted for its integrity and durability so its use results in longer-lasting products. Also, the farming practices employed set environmental and ethical standards.


Linen. Less waste. Less water consumption.

This item is made of linen, a 100% recyclable natural raw material. In its production, all parts of the plant are used, which grows naturally so it guarantees minimal waste and the consumption of very little water. It is produced in Europe, reducing the carbon footprint. Twice as strong than cotton, it is trusted for its durability so the use of it results in longer-lasting products.